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Over 100 Million Electronic Components Enter PLM Workflow

Aras announced the availability of Aras Component Engineering for its Aras Innovator PLM (product lifecycle management) platform. Connecting the cloud-based IHS CAPS Universe electronic component database with Aras Innovator, Aras Component Engineering provides engineering and sourcing professionals with a single secure point of access to more than 100 million commercial electronic components from within their Aras PLM environment.

Aras component engineering

Screen image of Aras Component Engineering for the Aras Innovator product lifecycle management platform courtesy of Aras.

Aras Component Engineering was developed in partnership with IHS, a source of business-critical information, insight and analytics. The IHS CAPS Universe electronic component database seamlessly linked with Aras Innovator contains part attribute data and documentation for hundreds of millions of parts from more than 2,000 manufacturers worldwide. Together, the Aras and IHS connection can streamline and simplify component selection, approval, sourcing and compliance processes while increasing efficiency and productivity and reducing regulatory as well as supply chain risk, according to the companies.

“By putting … component information exactly where designers and purchasing specialists need it,” said Bob Braasch, senior director, Parts Management at IHS in a statement supplied with the Aras Component Engineering press announcement, “Aras is enabling global manufacturers to make better, faster decisions and proactively manage changes in cost, availability and compliance early in the product lifecycle.”

Aras Component Engineering provides engineering, design and manufacturing companies with such abilities as locating the right parts, comparing electronic component details as well as determining part availability and environmental compliance. Available data can include pricing details, historical data on legacy parts, application notes and timing diagrams, product change notices (PCN) and end of life (EOL) alerts.

Aras reports that Aras Component Engineering users can have immediate access to information on board-level components from leading electronic component manufacturers directly within their Aras Innovator environment. Technical data is complete and current as provided by the manufacturer and can include obsolescence and compliance details. The company adds that Aras Component Engineering does not require a separate application or the launching multiple browsers. It is simply available for access from within the Aras Innovator when a user needs it.

Aras Innovator

Screen image of Aras Component Engineering for the Aras Innovator product lifecycle management platform courtesy of Aras.

Aras Component Engineering is available in three editions, two of which are obtainable now. The first, Aras Component Engineering Open, is a free version of the application. It features the ability to search by manufacturer part number, manufacturer name and keywords; standardized part description across all part categories; and the ability to search and compare parts side-by-side. Users can also download component datasheets and launch new part and/or supplier approval workflows.

The subscription-based Standard edition extends Aras Component Engineering Open with such additional features as parametric/filtered searching of over 100 million parts in more than 400 categories. It uses color-coded “traffic lights” to indicate approved manufacturers and in-use parts. Users can also view manufacturer part information and part reports.

The third edition, also subscription-based, is Aras Component Engineering Advanced. This edition builds off the features in the Open and Standard versions and provides such data as environment compliance documentation for RoHS and REACH, Certifications of Conflict Mineral Compliance (CMRT) as well as full material disclosure datasheets and regulated substances information. Additional functionalities include PCNs, EOL alerts, notifications and alerts with automated workflows, reporting capabilities, BOM (bill of materials) and costs analytics and risk analyses. Aras Component Engineering Advanced will be available shortly, according to Aras

“We’re expanding the PLM process to include all phases of product development for systems engineering and enabling global manufacturers to innovate on their next-generation products,” said John Sperling, vice president of Product Management at Aras in a press statement. “Aras Component Engineering is the latest example of how we’re taking PLM beyond the mechanical CAD file management most PLM systems focus on and into the enterprise and extended supply chain.”

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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