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3D Systems Touch Sensitive Input Device Does 3D Sculpting

By DE Editors

3D Systems unveiled a host of new consumer products during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week, including a haptic 3D mouse, the new CubeJet 3D printer, the iSense 3D scanner, and the CeraJet ceramics printer.


The Touch is a haptic-based 3D mouse for sculpting and design with instant force feedback that mimics the sense of physical sculpting, the company says. The Touch works with 3DS’ Cubify Sculpt, a virtual sculpting tool.

“Touch is at the heart of democratizing consumer and prosumer access to faster, simpler and easier 3D sculpting tools for ready-to-3D-print products,” said Keith Ozar, director marketing, consumer products, 3DS. “Touch is a real game-changer for STEAM education in K-12 as well as for both amateur and experienced artists, designers and professionals looking to harness tomorrow’s competitive skills today at an affordable price point.”

The new CubeJet 3D printer, priced under $5,000, provides full-color, high-resolution parts for a wide range of modeling and real-use products. Designed specifically for small businesses, independent entrepreneurs, hobbyists and educators, it combines 3DS’ ColorJet Printing (CJP) technology with the consumer Cube printers’ design. It offers faster print mode options and mobile connectivity for tablets and smartphones.

The CeraJet 3D printer prints ceramic objects that are ready for firing and glazing. “The CeraJet 3D printer democratizes pottery making in the digital age, and is a prime example of the eureka that exists at the interface between ancient art and new-age technology,” said Buddy Byrum, vice president product and channel management, 3DS. “CeraJet’s affordability, utility and powerful functionality is sure to revolutionize ceramic artisanship for the benefit of brands, retailers, designers, shops and hobbyists.”

The iSense 3D scanner for the iPad was created for 3D Systems by Occipital, and is powered by Structure Sensor technology. Users simply attach the iSense to an iPad, and then walk around and scan entire objects or environments obtaining a photorealistic copy of the real thing. iSense utilizes the same software as 3DS’ Sense scanner.

“We are excited to bring a sleek new physical-photography device to iPad lovers the world over,” said Rajeev Kulkarni, vice president, general manager, consumer products, 3DS. “iSense has the most diversity in its class for scan size and can capture everything from a delicious cupcake to a full body selfie, processing in seconds to a 3D printable, and comes with powerful, intuitive software that lets the user crop and enhance with easy and automated tools.”

The iSense fully integrates with the Cube family of 3D printers and also offers direct upload options to Cubify.com for cloud printing in a range of materials including Ceramix, Aluminix and Clear. It will be fully-compatible with apps designed for Occipital’s Structure Sensor.

For more information, visit 3D Systems.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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