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Adept Scientific Announces VSI’s VisSim Version 8

By DE Editors

The next generation of VisSim from Visual Solutions Incorporated (VSI) is now available from Adept Scientific. VisSim version 8 introduces new concepts, including VisSim/State Charts and a UML graphical state chart editor.

Adept Scientific Announces VSI's VisSim Version 8

The introduction of VisSim/State Charts to VisSim version 8 allows users to create, edit, simulate and generate embedded C code for state charts — all within the standard VisSim environment.

VisSim/State Charts provide:

  • OMG UML 2.1 Compliance
  • Simple, composite and submachine states
  • Animation of transition state
  • Nested states
  • Parallel states
  • Single step simulation
  • Suspended and resumed states
  • Entry, exit, transition and “DO” actions using C syntax
  • Breakpoints for selected events
  • Logging of selected events and executed behavioural C code
  • ANSI C code generation.

VisSim version 8 provides more visually intensive and customizable gauges, which can be connected to rapidly changing data sources. The new gauges incorporate features like dial color, transparency and reflection to allow increased visibility and impact in users’ models. In addition, major and minor tick values, labels and an editable sweep angle give users the flexibility to create more realistic dashboard and control panel gauges.

For more information, visit Adept Scientific and VSI.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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