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Advanced Laser Materials Acquires Majority Stake in Integra

By DE Editors

Advanced Laser Materials (ALM) has entered into a strategic partnership with Integra Services. ALM, a developer and manufacturer of materials for rapid manufacturing, has been affiliated with EOS, a manufacturer of laser-sintering systems, since 2009. Under the agreement, ALM will act as a majority shareholder obtaining 51% of the Integra shares.

“Two years ago we found a perfect partner in ALM," says Johann Oberhofer, chief operating officer of EOS. "We anticipate that working with Integra will complement our existing capabilities: the provision of technology and support for customers who manufacture high quality parts — both in prototyping and manufacturing."

“The strategic partnership with EOS has allowed both EOS and ALM to make a large step forward in the transition of laser-sintering from rapid prototyping to rapid manufacturing," says Donnie Vanelli, President of ALM, LLC. "ALM provides custom materials for the emerging rapid manufacturing area in partnership with EOS. The strategic partnership between Integra, ALM, and EOS will allow complete custom digital manufacturing solutions for the industry, including integrated platforms, materials and services. The EOS Group will now have complete material and service packages for all Laser Sintering platforms in North America with a strong focus on materials development research and responsive service."

For more information, visit EOS, ALM and Integra.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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