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ANSYS Announces Winners of 2015 Hall of Fame Competition

ANSYS has revealed the winners of its Hall of Fame competition. The contest, according to the company, highlights complex engineering challenges and gives ANSYS users the opportunity to showcase their simulation work. The winners were separated into two categories: corporate and academic.

The corporate winners were:

  • Andritz Hydro, a supplier of electro-mechanical systems for hydropower plants. The company used ANSYS tools to create a lightweight valve to replace welds and bolts, reducing design time and production costs.
  • BRP, a manufacturer of motorized vehicles and powersport engines. ANSYS helped reduce external forces on an engine’s gearcase and solve surface degradation problems.
  • Spinologic, a developer of next-generation medical devices. With ANSYS Mechanical, Spinologic performed patient-specific analysis of scoliotic spine procedures and made a new instrumentation system.

The academic winners were:

  • National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, where researchers used Workbench to calculate variations in bone quality and posture for corrective bone and tissue implants.
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison, scientists studied the energy a leatherback turtle exerts while swimming and predicted where this turtle might survive when its environment changes due to global warming.

“Organizations in every industry – particularly in healthcare – are increasingly leveraging simulation to speed products to market and to reduce development costs,” said Sin Min Yap, vice president of marketing at ANSYS. “We see the Hall of Fame submissions growing more complex and sophisticated each year. This year’s applicants truly pushed the boundaries of simulation. These best-in-class winners illustrated how simulation can make a clear and lasting difference in research and product development.”

For more information, visit ANSYS.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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