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Aras Acquires Comet Solutions

Aras has acquired Comet Solutions, a provider of software for simulation process management. Using Comet’s technology, manufacturers are able to reuse complex simulations to scale the application and use of simulation results. The addition of Comet’s capabilities to the Aras PLM Platform provides a way for organizations to connect simulation—and simulation experts—to mainstream engineering processes for traceability, access and reuse across the product lifecycle.

The acquisition of Comet Solutions is a step in Aras’ roadmap to develop platform-based  simulation process and data management (SPDM) to support higher volume simulation for complex scenarios. With the addition of Comet’s technology, Aras closes the gap between simulation and mainstream design by providing simulation analysts with the means to repeat and reuse simulation while connecting their analysis to through-life product configuration and cross-discipline design.

Comet’s vendor-agnostic application also mirrors Aras’ open approach by connecting with a wide array of CAD, FEA, meshing, 0D/1D simulation tools and in-house applications, which is a requirement to support organizations’ heterogeneous simulation tool environments—and essential for SPDM to work.

Comet’s capabilities for managing mixed fidelity models, different data types and various representations of the same product or assembly for simulation purposes are an important aspect for simulation management across systems engineering disciplines. The ability to extract intelligence from simulation models and results is also a benefit.

Comet Solutions enables simulation experts to be more productive through creation of simulation processes for re-use and tool chain automation for job execution, i.e., linking of simulation tools to perform a complex function or analysis.

“Extending the Digital Thread to include simulation tools and processes has emerged as a critical enabler for future business models,” says Rob McAveney, chief architect, Aras. “Simulation can add significant value to product development, manufacturing and field operations, but has not yet reached its potential due to limited connection to the rest of the enterprise. The addition of Comet’s capabilities will allow us to bring repeatability, reusability and traceability to simulation across the product lifecycle.” – Rob McAveney, Chief Architect, Aras

Comet’s technology provides a range of features to increase the volume and effectiveness of simulation:

  • Achieves better product simulation coverage
  • Empowers experts to rapidly conduct analysis on product variations, options and concepts
  • Performs required calculations using prespecified CAD and CAE software
  • Manages job execution of tool chains including job server, data extract, pull files, operations on cloud, high-performance computing clusters and others

“Joining the Aras family turbo charges Comet’s vision to bring simulation to the enterprise,” Malcolm Panthaki, chief technology officer and founder, says. “Comet Solutions Comet’s philosophy and approach to simulation align well with Aras’ approach to PLM. We see significant increased value for both Comet and Aras customers.”

Comet software will be available for Aras subscribers at no charge.

For more info, visit Comet Solutions and Aras.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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