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Check out these videos, papers and tools from Digital Engineering’s advertising partners.

CAD Interoperability Survival Guide

Working in a multi-CAD environment is the norm, and it comes with loads of problems that waste time and money. The white paper “CAD Interoperability Survival Guide” explores a practical way to better manage multi-CAD's troubles and get back a lot of your time. Tech-Clarity cover image courtesy of Autodesk Inc.

Everybody favors their CAD solution and that means interoperability havoc in multi-CAD environments. Here's an idea for how to manage the chaos.

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3D Simulation-Driven Design

High-powered simulation throughout the concept and design development process is becoming the norm. Here's what you need to know.

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How to Make the Move from the Desktop to HPC

The landing site for the ANSYS HPC Cluster Appliance Program offers resources that can help you understand how you can migrate from running complex simulations in a desktop workstation environment to an in-house or external high-performance computing platform. Image courtesy of ANSYS Inc.

Confused about how to migrate from workstations to a high-performance computing environment? Here are a lot of answers from the ANSYS HPC Cluster Appliance Program.

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Putting the Rapid into Rapid Prototyping

The paper “Breaking the Barriers” looks into how the Stratasys F123 Series 3D printers resolve the challenges of rapid prototyping systems that have vexed designers, engineering and prototyping managers as well as top executives for 30 years. Image courtesy of Stratasys Ltd.

The product development process is fraught with issues that can slow progress. Your rapid prototyping system doesn't have to be one of those issues.

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