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News, views and in-depth coverage of computer-aided design (CAD), rendering and conceptual design tools and technology.

Onshape Debuts Onshape Enterprise

Onshape Enterprise enables companies to protect valuable intellectual property by configuring roles and permission schemes that enable instant user provisioning and de-provisioning with incredible precision. You can dive into comprehensive audit logs to discover who did what when and from where. Image courtesy of Onshape.

Onshape Enterprise helps companies accelerate their design processes while protecting IP to a degree that wasn't possible with old CAD and PDM, the company reports.

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AML Set to Advance E-Mobility Aerospace Propulsion

The program applies AML's technologies, including its advanced CoilCAD software, to deliver high-power, lightweight motors and generators that achieve magnetic flux density without traditional back iron, the company reports.

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KISTERS Enhances 3DViewStation Desktop

New enhancements for Kisters' 3DViewStation Desktop include improved compression and real-time wall thickness analysis; regeneration of edges; separation of views from geometries; and neutral axis calculation.

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Frustum Makes Available TrueSOLID for Generative Design

TrueSOLID from Frustum delivers multi-part assembly topology optimization, advanced optimization modes and kernel-integrated mesostructures (lattices) to design lighter, stronger and more efficient products, the company reports.

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