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News, views and in-depth coverage of 3D printing, additive manufacturing and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).

Debuting the M300 Plus, Zortrax’s new 3D printer

Image courtesy of Zortrax.

The large workspace enables the device to print prototypes of engines, for example. With a proper platform that can accommodate multiple models, it is also suitable for short-series production.

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Safran Works with Betatype in Part Production Program

Image courtesy of Betatype.

By employing the technical advantages of 3D printing, Betatype could improve the design of the housing by focusing on various key areas: improved strength, increased stiffness and a reduction in overall weight. 

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Additive Manufacturing Invades IMTS

There is no doubt that additive manufacturing has moved beyond the incredible benefits it adds to prototyping and tooling, and into production. However, significant challenges remain before it can earn the mass production moniker.

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Metal Additive Manufacturing Market Heats Up

Desktop Metal’s Studio System claims to be up to 10 times cheaper than comparable laser-based 3D printers. Image courtesy of Desktop Metal.

From new cold spray deposition methods to innovations in extrusion processes, advances in metal additive manufacturing address long-standing limitations related to cost, safety and time to print.

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