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News, views and in-depth coverage of computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation analysis and simulation-led design optimization.

Predict Success

Real-life probabilistic studies result in real-life product improvements.

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By examining the mature marketplace of scientific and number-crunching tools,this guide reminds us of how far we've come.

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A Once and Future CFD

A roundtable discussion about the state of CFD foresees an exciting future where it may be used in everything from ...

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A Convergence of Disciplines

Finite Element Analysis is spreading over the land and the developers are working like mad to make sure everybody benefits.

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Beyond Quality Control

Using design of experiments methodology means increased efficiency and improvedproduct quality.

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Engineer by Numbers

More sophisticated math platforms that not only calculate, but communicate andpromote effective engineering collaboration.

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How to Roll It Right the First Time

At Corus Construction and Industrial, mill design engineers simulate multipassrolling of steel sections using a custom system based on ABAQUS analysis software.

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Super Models

New modeling and graphing applications help engineers put prototypes throughtheir paces.

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