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News, views and in-depth coverage of test & measurement, including sensors and metrology.

Data Visualization Company Launches Interactive Product

Montreal-based Plotly Technologies, a data visualization provider, offers the scientific community a collaborative, interactive way to connect with lab instruments and share results.

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Hexagon Unveils Benchtop CMM

Image courtesy of Hexagon's Manufacturing Intelligence Division.

The Optiv Performance 322 coordinate measuring machine combines system flexibility with ISO 10360 Standard-compliant accuracy, company reports.

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Autonomous Acceptance

The potential benefits of autonomous vehicles are too important to be ignored. On the flip side, there are some valid concerns about self-driving cars that have yet to be addressed.

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Evaluate Testing Services

Ultrahigh Temperature Scanning Probe. Image courtesy of NIST.

Consider more than cost when choosing a testing service provider partner. There are numerous considerations when evaluating a testing service and laboratory.

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