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Cray Launches Accelerated Cluster Supercomputers

Cray has launched two Cray CS-Storm accelerated cluster supercomputers, the Cray CS-Storm 500GT and the Cray CS-Storm 500NX. Built for artificial intelligence (AI) workloads, the new Cray systems will provide accelerator-optimized solutions for running machine learning and deep learning applications, the company reports.

Leveraging NVIDIA Tesla GPU accelerators, the new Cray CS-Storm systems expand Cray’s portfolio of integrated systems and offers a broader range of accelerated supercomputers for computational and data-intensive applications.

The Cray CS-Storm systems provide up to 187 TOPS (tera operations per second) per node, 2,618 TOPS per rack for machine learning application performance, and up to 658 double precision TFLOPS per rack for HPC application performance. Delivered as a fully integrated cluster supercomputer, the Cray CS-Storm systems include the Cray Programming Environment, Cray Sonexion scale out storage and full cluster systems management.

The Cray CS-Storm 500GT includes support for up to 10 NVIDIA Tesla P40 or P100 PCIe accelerators leveraging balanced or single-root configurations for CPU-to-GPU communications. The CS-Storm 500NX includes support for eight Tesla P100 SXM2 accelerators, using the NVIDIA NVLink high speed interconnect for GPU-to-GPU communications.

For more info, visit Cray.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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