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Debuting the M300 Plus, Zortrax’s new 3D printer

Zortrax has launched a 3D printer with a large workspace, measuring 300x300x300 mm.

The M300 Plus targets specialists in the automotive and aerospace industries who work with big prototypes. The large workspace enables the device to print prototypes of engines, for example. With a proper platform that can accommodate multiple models, it is also suitable for short-series production. An important feature of the Zortrax M300 Plus is wireless connectivity, the company notes. With its Wi-Fi module and Ethernet port, it can be used to create a large 3D printing farm.

Image courtesy of Zortrax.

Image courtesy of Zortrax.

The M300 Plus has a modified extruder with a redesigned Hotend V3 and nozzle with new geometry. These elements improve extrusion efficiency and precision, further shortening heating up time and allowing 3D printing using flex materials. A wide range of filaments can be used, including third-party materials. A filament endstop mechanism notifies users when there is no more material, which minimizes waste. The Zortrax M300 Plus currently supports all materials for the original Zortrax M300 and Z-ULTRAT.

The new printer can be combined with other Zortrax devices to create or complete a printing farm.  “Many printers can be controlled remotely and run with dedicated Z-SUITE software that comes with all our devices,” says Rafał Tomasiak, CEO of Zortrax.

The M300 Plus comes with a build-in camera, enabling users to follow the printing process and avoid errors when prototyping, and an intuitive touchscreen. This new control system features a high-density display with a new five-point touch capability graphical interface and high brightness level .

Zortrax’s latest 3D printer is based on LPD technology, a variation on FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology. Melted thermoplastic filaments are deposited layer by layer to form a physical object.

The M300 Plus is the latest addition to M Series Plus line. Following the improvements to Zortrax’s flagship product, the Zortrax M200 Plus, the M300 Plus 3D printer is next in line.

The producer has also launched the Zortrax HEPA Cover, a filtering device that supports Zortrax M Series and M Series Plus FDM 3D printers. The HEPA Cover contains an electric fan with regulated speed that keeps the temperature stable inside the printing chamber to reduce ABS shrinkage. A built-in carbon filter gets rid of unpleasant smells, while a HEPA filter catches over 99% of fumes released during the 3D printing process.

For more info, visit Zortrax.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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