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EnvisionTEC Unveils Two 3D Printers

EnvisionTEC, global manufacturer of desktop and full-production 3D printers and materials, unveiled two larger versions of its models, the Perfactory and high-speed cDLM, to support ore throughput.

The new Perfactory 4 LED XXL will offer a large build area for DLP 3D printing. The P4 LED XXL will offer a build area of 230×143.75x200mm (9×5.7×7.9-in.) and XY resolution of 60 microns with the company’s pixel-shifting ERM technology.

EnvisionTEC also will be expanding its family of high-speed Continuous Digital Light Manufacturing (cDLM) machines with the new Vida cDLM, which will offer a build area of 145×81.5x100mm (5.7×3.2×3.9-in.), with XY resolution of 76 microns.

Both the P4 LED XXL and Vida cDLM are designed for direct printing of final end-use parts, functional prototypes, manufacturing aids, molds and tooling, investment casting patterns, medical devices, commercial goods and more.

The Perfactory model line comes in a wide range of configurations with XY resolution down to 10 microns. The Perfactory line can also print a wide range of EnvisionTEC materials, including materials that are castable, durable, heat resistant and biocompatible.

Since launching its cDLM technology, EnvisionTEC’s family of high-speed continuous 3D printers has grown to include three desktop models that deliver build speeds ranging from 10 to 20 minutes per inch in Z across the entire build envelope.

The cDLM family now includes the:

  • Vida cDLM, with a 145×81.5x100mm (5.7×3.2×3.9-in.) and XY resolution of 76 microns.
  • Vida HD cDLM with a build area of 90x50x100mm (3.54×1.97×3.94-in.) and XY resolution of 50 microns.
  • Micro cDLM with a build area of 45x28x75mm (1.8×1.1×2.95-in.) and XY resolution under 40 microns.

In other news, EnvisionTEC rolls out Enterprise Software Suite, which supports volume production with 3D printers.

A new Observer feature allows users to prepare, monitor and manage multiple print jobs across 3D printers in a smart, networked production environment. A new Observer feature in PSS 3.2 also will identify EnvisionTEC 3D printers on a network by name and type, show a progress bar for each print job, with an estimated completion time, and allow users to rearrange and abort print jobs, in addition to other features.

The new PSS 3.2 maintains all the functionality of EnvisionTEC’s software known as RP, a nod to the early days of rapid prototyping. For 15 years, RP has allowed users to translate a digital part in the STL file format to a print job through a “Build Style” that controls the way an object will be built on a certain printer in a specific material. EnvisionTEC’s Build Style approach controls about two dozen machine parameters that are optimized for specific printer and material combinations.

PSS 3.2 adds support for 3MF files and contains exposure strategy enhancements for circular patterns, contours, shells, internal support structures and high-speed continuous 3D printing.

The new Perfactory Software Suite (PSS) 3.2 will support the company’s full range of technologies, including all Desktop, Perfactory, 3SP, cDLM, 3D-Bioplotter and Viridis3D machines.

For more info, visit EnvisionTEC.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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