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Explore New BOXX Workstation

The new BOXX APEXX S-class workstation is driven by professionally overclocked Intel processors, housed in a newly designed mid-size chassis. Advanced liquid cooling design gives cool, quiet operation while maintaining safe, stable performance with speeds currently up to 4.8GHz. And, depending on configuration options, the S-class series supports up to three professional GPUs (graphics processing units) and leaves room for internal storage potential.

The new S-Class can accommodate up to 3 GPUs, depending on the GPU model.

Lightly threaded 3D content creation tools are limited by the frequency of the processor. A faster CPU clock speed means more creating and less waiting. S-class workstations only use professionally overclocked Intel processors.

The company says the workstations can be used for single-threaded applications; 3D animation, modeling, and CAD design; and for 2D image processing, to name a few applications.

The APEXX S-class hosts the company’s most popular configurations for CAD design and 3D modeling applications. With support for three professional GPUs and the fast processors, APEXX S3 as a platform can accelerate your creative workflow, BOXX reports.

Basic Configuration

  • Six-core Intel Core i7 4.8GHz processor
  • 16GB DDR4-2666 memory
  • NVIDIA Quadro P2000 5GB graphics
  • 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD
  • Wireless AC + Bluetooth v4.0
  • Microsoft Windows 10

For more info visit BOXX.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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