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Extracting Product Metadata from PLM Documents, 2 in a Series

By DE Editors

Elmo BoM is a stand-alone application from Elmo Solutions (Quebec; elmosolutions.com) that allows batch extraction of the metadata found in CAD documents in a single operation. 
According to Ricardo Talbot, chief science officer, “Elmo BoM…allows the extraction and export, in one single unattended operation, of the exact composition of each single Autodesk block, assembly or sub-assembly, but also of the contents of all the attributes…in each component, including user-defined properties.” 

He continues, “Although batch-export of Mechanical Desktop and AutoCAD Mechanical bill of materials (BOMs) is supported, predefined parts lists are not required to allow extraction and export of BOMs….”

BOMs can be automatically updated by using Elmo BoM in batch mode periodically.
Elmo Solutions also offers Elmo Search, search engine software for CAD and other documents, and Elmo Link, a CAD companion software application that provides a live, bidirectional, “hot” link between CAD, PLM, and MRP and ERP applications.
For more information, visit elmosolutions.com.

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