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FARO Debuts New Concept in Automated Inspection

FARO, provider of 3D measurement and imaging solutions for factory metrology and 3D machine vision, makes available the FARO OneClick system exclusively to members of the FARO Early Adopter Program. The Early Adopter program provides its members access to new solutions before they become broadly available.

OneClick offers fast, fully automated, high accuracy point cloud inspection of small- and medium-sized parts. It is specifically designed to be a more efficient and a more resource, space and cost-effective alternative to comparable, hard probe and non-contact Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs). OneClick includes fully automated programming, artificial intelligence-driven automation, minimal fixturing, automatic reporting and minimal training to ensure a repeatable, consistent measurement process that is operator independent.

The compact OneClick system includes three components:

  • a metrology grade non-contact scanner that captures millions of high-resolution 3D coordinate measurements in seconds. The device includes an onboard processor  and is mounted on a flexible mechanical arm that enables the scanner to “sweep” a part to maximize coverage during the scanning process;
  • a rotating, highly adaptive fixturing table that enables a part to be mounted and rotated in concert with the positioning arm to capture comprehensive part data; and
  • fully integrated, intuitive software specifically designed to optimize the OneClick user experience

With the Learn Mode, OneClick enables users to set up a repeatable inspection routine with no manual intervention. In this process, the software automatically moves through a series of critical steps.

Once the automated programming routine has been completed, subsequent parts and assemblies can be measured and automatically reported on with just a single key stroke (click) on the computer. As a result, the training process is significantly reduced as skilled personnel are no longer required to drive the process and users have the confidence that the results are the same every time.

OneClick is transportable and easily moved throughout the facilities or to/through a supplier’s facility, wherever inspection is needed. Also, users are able leverage fast inspection capability in just a small area on a table or benchtop.

“With FARO OneClick, we have directly addressed another series of pain points that the industry has articulated since the invention of the 3 axis CMM,” saysSimon Raab, Ph.D., FARO president and CEO. “Specifically, the difficult and complex part programming requiring a highly trained quality inspector, sensitive expensive fixturing and complex probing all have combined to create a bottleneck in the inspection process. OneClick directly accelerates the end-to-end inspection process under a variety of circumstances through automated intelligence, high throughput inspection and subsequently expands the breadth of the personnel who can drive quality in manufacturing.”

For more info, visit FARO.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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