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FEMAP V9.3 Announced by UGS

By DE Editors

UGS Corp. (Plano, TX; ugs.com) released Femap 9.3, its pre- and post-processor and FEA component of the UGS Velocity Series portfolio. Femap version 9.3 provides significant increase in support of Nastran functionality as well as expanded user interface extensions and enhancements to modeling capabilities, according to UGS. This version offers new methods of applying loads through data surfaces and bolt-preload modeling. It supports a new dynamic design analysis method (DDAM) for shock-spectrum analysis and provides increased support for dynamics analysis, particularly complex modes and rotor dynamics, as well as substructuring using superelements, new linear contact options, and fluid modeling using virtual mass fluid modeling.

Among the new features are a composite layup modeling interface that facilitates setup of composite plies with interactive calculation of equivalent laminate properties and a new capability to expand geometric surfaces to solids.
For further information, visit ugs.com/femap.

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