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HBM Introduces PW25 Platform Load Cell

By DE Editors

HBM Introduces PW25 Platform Load Cell

Applications in the food industry or pharmaceutical sector pose special challenges for the components used in these areas. For hygienic reasons, plants such as those for filling of drinks need to be cleaned daily with special cleaning agents and water or steam.

If electric components are used there, they must meet the high degree of protection IP68 or even IP69K. HBM is now introducing its platform load cell PW25 for such applications. The new platform load cell, which will initially be available with a maximum capacity of 20 kg, is designed to be hermetically encapsulated. Load cells with maximum capacity of 10 kg are in preparation.

The housing consists of stainless steel so that the load cell is insensitive to cleaning and disinfection agents currently used in the food industry.

The platform load cell has an integrated overload stop that prevents it from being damaged if the load is too heavy. This overload stop is integrated in the hermetic encapsulation so that contamination of the overload gap is not possible, according to the company. Applications include the biotechnology, pharmaceutical or food industry sectors.

For more information, visit HBM.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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