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Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Releases PC-DMIS 2017 R1

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has launched PC-DMIS 2017 R1, the first of two major PC-DMIS releases scheduled for 2017.

PC-DMIS 2017 R1 makes it easier to find and learn about the new features and enhancements of the measurement software by adding a What’s New pop-up animation when first starting the application. The release notes have also been organized for easy access to the most important information. Application performance has been optimized for speeding up everyday tasks like opening and executing measurement routines, copy and paste, and file importing. This release of PC-DMIS is also previewing a new Path Optimization tool that takes advantage of multithreading on multi-core PCs, improving path-optimization speed.

PC-DMIS 2017 R1 also debuts two new accessory applications designed for the shop-floor environment, Inspect and Notification Center. Inspect is a simple-to-configure platform to run PC-DMIS measurement routines and view reports, while Notification Center helps the user keep an eye on multiple inspection processes with configurable warnings from embedded or external CMM lights as well as multiple sound events. 

“PC-DMIS 2017 R1 continues the measurable trends towards great product stability and improved user experience,” states Ken Woodbine, product line manager of the Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Metrology Software division. “This release marks another significant step forward, with even more valuable enhancements that contribute to overall workflow improvements across all areas of the product.”

For more information, visit Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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