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Immersion Introduces a Portable CMM Arm

By DE Editors

Touch feedback technology developer Immersion Corporation (San Jose, CA; immersion.com) recently introduced the new MicroScribe X portable CMM. Designed for the needs of automotive and other manufacturers of precision components, the CMM arm is said to have enhanced accuracy, precision, and usability. It comes standard with a three-year warranty.

The new MicroScribe X CMM arm is compatible with third-party measurement and inspection software, and the system supports a choice for certification procedures, including the possibility for certification at the customer’s site.

The system’s SmartCapture coil trigger deflects in any direction to help eliminate inconsistent pressure. Consistent or inconsistent pressure is signaled to the user with either a lighted green or red LED. The coil also isolates the probe from the user’s hand to help maintain constant temperature.

A dual-mode electromechanical safety brake takes weight off the upper arm to alleviate user strain, and helps prevent damage by automatically engaging when high joint acceleration is detected or when the arm is in its home position for longer than 30 seconds.  The MicroScribe X portable CMM’s volumetric length accuracy is 40 microns, sphere center repeatability is 15 microns, and effective diameter is 12 microns.  For more information, visit immersion.com/digitizer/products/microscribe_x.php.

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