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KISTERS AG and Razorleaf Partner on Aras Software

KISTERS AG has entered into an agreement with Razorleaf Europe for the development, support and sales of new versions of Aras integration software, which will replace existing KISTERS products. This development, supported and delivered by Razorleaf’s new European operation, will be available for subscriptions in the near future.

KISTERS’ Visualization Technologies division develops the 3D CAD viewer and digital mockup application platform, 3DViewStation, which is optimized for integration into product lifecycle management; enterprise resource planning; manufacturing execution systems; quality assurance; Parts Catalog; maintenance, repair and overhaul; and Configurator systems.  Currently KISTERS has an integration product for Aras, the leading PLM platform. The new product available from Razorleaf will be called Aras Connector for 3DViewStation.

KISTERS has made this change as part of its strategy to focus on its core Visualisation platform and to work with specialist partners for PLM Integration/connectors; Razorleaf has been an Aras partner for many years.

“We are pleased that Razorleaf, a long-term Aras partner with deep PLM knowledge, has taken over the responsibility for this integration,” says Germar Nikol, director of Visualization Technologies at KISTERS. “We can now put all our energy into 3DViewStation product development, making it even faster, allowing it to load even more complex CAD data and continuously adding functionality per our customers’ requirements.”

“This is the first product to be developed by the new Razorleaf European operation, and reflects on the value of partnerships to Razorleaf and KISTERS,” Michael Welti, managing director at Razorleaf Europe says. “There are further developments planned for the Aras integration that will reinforce 3DViewStation as the go-to Enterprise Visualisation platform on Aras for companies with large and complex product development.  Importantly, this integration platform will further allow Razorleaf to implement a single 3DViewStation Enterprise Visualisation instance across a multi-PLM implementation, e.g. Aras and 3DEXPERIENCE.”

“We are pleased to be able to support KISTERS with this rollout of new versions of Aras PLM integration software,” says Eric Doubell, CEO of Razorleaf Corp. “PLM has become an essential component of the modern, model-based enterprise. Both SMBs and larger businesses can now more easily access and employ price-competitive PLM tools that allow them to work more efficiently and achieve integrated digital thread/digital twin strategies.”

For more info, visit KISTERS and Razorleaf.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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