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MeshGems 1.3 Released

Distene has released MeshGems 1.3, its software suite of meshing software components for CAD/CAE development. Overall, new features include surface meshing for discrete geometries and imprinting for boundary layers in volume hex meshing.

This release can now process discrete geometry, supporting STL or OBJ files with a single workflow. Users can also access Boundary Layers, along with volume blending and imprinting. There is improved automatic cleaning capabilities with MG-Cleaner, which can now tackle more complex cases when correcting meshes, the company states.

Version 1.3 also includes beta versions of two new features. The first is MG-Hybrid, which is a component for hybrid meshing, with automatic Boundary Layers generation and hex core meshing. Users can also test MG-Tetra_HPC, a parallel Tet Mesher that uses speed and memory of computer resources and message passing.

For more information, visit Distene.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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