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Nexxt Technologies to Expand US Market

3D printer company Nexxt Technologies has announced plans to expand its Nebraska and North Dakota markets. According to a press release, it plans to grow by opening satellite offices in those regions, and forming partnerships that provide communities with printing services and devices.

In Nebraska, a partnership with Forge55 Inc., will allow for 3D services and solutions to be offered. Nexxt Technologies is also collaborating with Fargo3DPrinting to create more job opportunities and growth in North Dakota, the company states.

“Both North Dakota and Nebraska were key to our growth, for a multitude of reasons. With their growing centers of manufacturing, we recognized that the design community in North Dakota and Nebraska was wholly underserved. Our goal is to strengthen the engineer community by providing everyone access to top-quality systems and prototyping solutions to shorten the cycle of time between design and production. We’re developing the present and the future of professional manufacturing technologies,” said David Pecoraro, CEO, Nexxt Technologies.

For more information, visit Nexxt Technologies.

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