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Optimizing Industrial Data Intelligence

Sponsored ContentIn an innovative approach to field-based intelligence, Exara helps industrial companies gather data at the edge of their networks and make it available for processing and analysis. For Exara’s customers, that means furnishing machinery, equipment and other industrial assets with sensors connected to the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Intelligent gateway devices, an essential component of the infrastructure, receive, analyze, and prepare the data for relay on demand with precisely the fidelity required and no more.

“In our early deployments with off-the-shelf IoT gateways we encountered numerous issues, some even requiring motherboard rework,” says Eric Kraemer, CTO and founder of Exara. “We went through four revisions of the firmware with one product to get to a stable release. The devices simply were not built for the industrial scenarios we support.”

The case study, “A Repeatable Model for Industrial Data Intelligence” explains how Exara replaced its Advantech gateways with two Dell EMC Edge Gateway Model 5100 devices in the middle of a proof-of-concept project. The solution cuts power use by 43% and achieves $60,000 in annual savings per site. HPC

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