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progeCAD 2019 Released

progeCAD USA, maker of 2D/3D CAD software, has released progeCAD 2019 Professional, the next major release of the AutoCAD replacement computer-aided design software.

ProgeCAD 2019 Professional allows designers to use a similar menu structure, similar commands and the same DWG drawing file format as AutoCAD. ProgeCAD 2019 Professional has added new file formats to allow for easier transfer from and into other CAD, CAM and 3D modeling applications.

Import Features

  • STEP and IGES
  • 3D Studio file .3DS
  • Improved ESRI Shape (.shp) import. Base Elevation (initial Z value) can be set.
  • Pointcloud .LAS (as CAD points)
  • Pointcloud .XYZ (as CAD points)
  • Stereolithography file .STL
  • Virtual Reality Modeling Languagefile .VRML

Export Features

  • STEP and IGES
  • Wavefront .OBJ
  • Maya .MA
  • LightWave .LWO

Designers, engineers and other professionals will be able to employ new commands for greater control and flexibility.

New Commands

  • Numbered Markers (Bubbles) automatically creates bubbles with sequence numbers or letters
  • Total length Measure. Calculation of the total length of selected entities.
  • AIDIMFLIPARROW flips the direction of arrowheads on Dimensions.
  • Plot Margin Customization (Zero Margin). Editing standard paper size margins of plotters/printers. Print over the standard devices margins and cover the entire sheet area.
  • PointCloud. Color Map. Set color scheme for imported PointClouds.
  • PointCloud. ESNAP Support on Points.
  • Sort Data Extraction. Changing the sort order of tables generated by attribute extraction based

ProgeCAD 2019 also provides many improvements to existing commands and processes.


  • New interface for External References management (DWG, DGN, DWF, PDF, PointClouds, Images)
  • The in-place Multiline Text editor now fully supports line spacing, lists, and paragraph justification
  • The New Filter command with the dialog (‘_FILTER)
  • Search for files when using the Open command by clicking Tools > Find.
  • The Publish command with the improved GUI. Now the user can choose to publish his drawings using the PDF Printer driver.
  • The HATCHTOBACK command moves hatches to the back of the draw order.

progeCAD 2019 Professional proposes flexible licensing: Single Plus licenses allowing for desktop and laptop install, Network NLM licenses with a Take-Away technology for remote work, a USB portable license allowing work on any computer with progeCAD installed by plugging in the USB dongle, and Corporate licenses with unlimited installations. Current progeCAD users can upgrade to the latest version at a discount to the price of the full version.

The new version of progeCAD is available for immediate download. For more info, visit progeCAD USA.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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