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Proto Labs Expands Firstcut Machining Service

By DE Editors

Quick-turn manufacturer Proto Labs announced the availability of several additional metals through its Firstcut CNC machining service.

Customers can now upload their 3D CAD model at the Firstcut website and have quick-turn machined parts made in 304/304 or 316/15L stainless steel, 1018 or 4041 steel, magnesium or copper. Customers uploading parts will quickly receive back an interactive FirstQuote, from which they can order parts and have them shipped as fast as one to three days.

These additional metals complement Firstcut’s existing lineup of more than 30 different plastics and metals which include ABS, Nylon PEEK, ULTEM, Delrin, aluminum and brass.

“We’re excited to announce this increase to our Firstcut service envelope,” said Brad Cleveland, president and CEO. “We are also making the necessary capital equipment investments to support the anticipated demand for these new metals, all of which is a part of our ongoing effort to expand our existing capabilities and bring new accelerated manufacturing processes to market.”

For more information, visit Proto Labs.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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