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Radiant Fabrication Introduces Desktop 3D Printer and Scanner

Radiant Fabrication announced Lionhead, a consumer-level 3D printer that incorporates printing and 3D scanning into a single device packaged with Radiant Li, the company’s 3D modeling software. The company launched a Kickstarter campaign in September to introduce its printer/scanner to the SMB and consumer markets, gather user feedback, and raise funds to expedite delivery of enhanced full production systems. Once the company reaches its Kickstarter goal, it will start shipping Lionhead Bunny (beta) systems in October 2013.


“We created the Lionhead and Li to streamline the 3D printing experience, allowing consumers to model, edit, print, and scan from one piece of software and hardware,” said Nathan Patterson, Radiant’s co-founder and president. “Together, it means that consumers spend less time and money learning complex software packages and maintaining their printer, and more time using and refining their ideas.”

The included Radiant Li editor uses controls similar to popular video games, like Minecraft, to make creating and modifying models simple and intuitive, the company says.

Users can press the scan button, place an object on the Lionhead printing platform, and close the doors. In a few minutes, a copy of the object will be ready in Li for any improvements to be made; and one click of the print button starts the printing process.

For more information, visit Radiant Fabrication.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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