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Revware Announces 2011 Product Lineup

By DE Editors

Revware Inc. has released information on its 2011 product line-up. Revware, the company behind the MicroScribe, MobiGage and RevWorks software solutions for metrology professionals, the company is launching an educational campaign to highlight the attributes and applications of its product portfolio. The goal of the educational campaign is to showcase how Revware’s products touch consumers’ everyday lives.

“Our mission is to provide simple to use, innovative, cost-effective modeling solutions to help solve a wide range of design, metrology and engineering problems. At this moment, it’s likely that you have been touched by or own a product whose development was improved by the use of a Revware product,” says Tom Welsh, president and CEO of Revware. “From the creation and manufacturing of household tools, shoes, aircraft and industrial components, automotive parts and musical instruments, to virtual renderings of lifelike animated characters, imaging ancient artifacts and conducting joint replacement surgery, Revware products are reshaping your world every day.”

Revware’s MicroScribe portable digitizer can be used in combination with software to capture physical forms for modeling and analysis. The MicroScribe digitizer is used as a point-to-point, edge-to-edge data collection tool or an alignment tracker for attached laser scanners or other types of sensing devices. This desktop system comes in two versions, the general purpose MicroScribe G series and the higher accuracy MicroScribe M series.

There are many commercially available software packages that support the MicroScribe digitizer line.  Revware’s own RevWorks software makes the connection between the MicroScribe digitizer and SolidWorks solid modeling CAD software.

The newest addition to the Revware software offerings is MobiGage, a hand-held metrology application. As a “mobile gauge,” it can be installed on an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, using wireless network communication to correspond with a MicroScribe digitizer. Measurements can be captured following a repeatable measurement plan for later use with RevWorks or other software solutions. For non-Apple consumers, MobiGage PC is also available.

Revware has also become an international distributor of the Skiron laser produced by Kreon. The Skiron laser is a compact scanning attachment designed for MicroScribe 6DoF digitizers. In combination, the devices create an alternative to much other non-contact data collection products.

For more information, visit Revware.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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