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Scanner Solutions Streamline Plant Upgrade and Revamp Projects

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Engineering IT software provider to the plant, power, and marine industries AVEVA Solutions Ltd. (Houston, TX) recently announced the launch of a pair of laser scanning products for plant owners, operators, and designers: AVEVA IntelliLaser and AVEVA Laser Modeller. Both software products are said to optimize the operation of brownfield plant facilities, enable upgrade and revamp project efficiency, and eliminate bottlenecks inherent with traditional, time-consuming manual processes for converting laser scan data into intelligent objects.

Scanner Solutions Streamline Plant Upgrade and Revamp Projects
AVEVA Laser Modeller enables laser scan data to be converted directly into an intelligent, as-built 3D AVEVA PDMS plant model.

AVEVA says that its new Laser Modeller software helps transform laser scan data into intelligent, as-built 3D plant models rapidly and cost-effectively, enabling the creation of accurate 3D models for existing brownfield facilities. This, the company adds, means that AVEVA Laser Modeller allows owner operators to optimize the operations of their assets and significantly reduce the lead time on upgrade and revamp projects in a way not possible previously.

With AVEVA Laser Modeller, says AVEVA, you are able to position a plant model within an accurate model of its planned site, which facilitates the checking of site compatibility as well as the communication of design intent to stakeholders. According to AVEVA, key features of Laser Modeller include the ability to visualize 3D point-cloud data sets, panoramic laser scan images, and site plans simultaneously; and the ability to generate intelligent 3D plant components for piping, steelwork, and equipment items, component by component.

Scanner Solutions Streamline Plant Upgrade and Revamp Projects
AVEVA IntelliLaser can "hot spot" such assets as a valve within a scan.

Key benefits of AVEVA Laser Modeller cited include the ability to update plant design to as-built status, quickly, accurately, and economically; the ability to accurately measure discrepancies between as-designed and as-built models; the ability to accurately position and clash check new designs in situ within an existing plant. Additionally, AVEVA Laser Modeller could help reduce the need for costly on-site welding through more accurate prefabrication as well as enable the verification of modules prefabricated at different locations before shipment to a site.

AVEVA Laser Modeller combines with other AVEVA laser data solutions including IntelliLaser and Laser Modeller Interface. The latter, available optionally, provides the ability to accept scan data individually or simultaneously from laser scanners from such vendors as Leica Geosystems HDS, Quantapoint, Trimble Dimensions, and Z+F. The software directly generates 3D models to feed into a visual asset management strategy and, for brownfield projects using native AVEVA PDMS plant design system component catalogs, it delivers a fully intelligent PDMS model.

Scanner Solutions Streamline Plant Upgrade and Revamp Projects
AVEVA Laser Modeller Interface.

"AVEVA’s Laser Modeller is totally changing the landscape for operators by allowing cost-effective creation of an accurate digital asset from the operating facility," Mat Truche-Gordon, EVP Business Strategy & Marketing for AVEVA, in a prepared statement. "It is a key part of our overall laser scan portfolio and plays a major role in our Operations Integrity Management and Brownfield project strategy. In combination with AVEVA’s Enterprise Solutions, we are creating a powerful, digital as-built plant, where brownfield information is truly evergreen."

The announcement of Laser Modeller was preceded by the launch of AVEVA IntelliLaser. An extension to the AVEVA NET information management solution for plant and marine projects, AVEVA IntelliLaser is said to enable industrial process plant owner-operators to add intelligence to otherwise unintelligent photorealistic laser-scan data with minimal manual work. IntelliLaser automatically creates associations between objects within the laser scan and asset tag information. It does this by creating intelligent "hot spots" that automatically link piping and equipment to their associated plant information, which is then accessible through AVEVA NET through a web browser. The overall result, according to AVEVA, is an intelligent digital reference of an operational facility created cost-effectively and quickly.

"Using IntelliLaser, customers can take scan data from all leading suppliers and automatically bring it into the asset management world," said Bruce Douglas, Senior VP Marketing & Product Strategy at AVEVA in a press statement.

For complete details, visit AVEVA on the web.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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