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Service Can Shift You from to 2D to 3D

By DE Editors

Got a stressed out design team? Or maybe the thought of a decade’sworth of 2D drawings waiting to be converted to 3D scares the bejabbersout of you? If so, you might like to check out Innovate3D (Novato, CA),a new online service that can take your sketches, 2D drawings, andphotos and turn them into a 3D solid model. They say that they’ll do itquickly and inexpensively. And, for a limited tine, Innovate3D willcreate your first 3D part free, which qualifies an inexpensive.Additional parts cost $49 each, which still meets the definition ofinexpensive.

To use Innovate3D, you simply fill out a form and upload your CAD file,”any CAD format will do,” according to the submission form on theInnovate3D website. (You can also arrange to send in your paper-based2D drawings or sketches and photographs.) In a little while, you get aconfirmation number and then after that your part. Currently,Innovate3D will your 3D model in your choice of Autodesk Inventor,Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, or SolidWorks format, which means you also canget IGES, STEP, and STL. Models are said to be 100% quality checked andguaranteed accurate.
Innovate3D is a service from TenLinks, Inc., the online media companycovering CAD, CAM and CAE. Innovate3D reports that it maintains a professionallytrained, full-time staff of engineers and designers dedicated to the task of model creation. “Using our ownpeople ensures good training, quality control, and data security. Wehandle customer data as if it was our own,” said Roopinder Tara,president and CEO of TenLinks, in a press statement.

Click here to see an image gallery of some of the 3D models thatInnovate3D can produce from your drawings. Click here to go to theInnovate3d home page.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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