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Siemens Debuts Digital Enterprise Industry Solution

Siemens PLM Software announces a new Digital Enterprise Industry Solution for the electronics industry. The Software Engineering and ALM (application lifecycle management) solution specifically addresses several critical product development challenges associated with connected smart products: increased security threats and privacy issues and risk management on products that incorporate internet-connected sensors

This solution helps multi-discipline development teams to achieve end-to-end efficiency and productivity and also enables traceability across hardware and embedded software configurations in all lifecycle phases, which allows for enhanced product quality and efficient change management.

In addition, the solution allows for the unification of the user experience by allowing engineers to work in their preferred and familiar development tools while still connected to the integrated workflows in real time. When software components are produced and tested on the ALM side, they can be published to the bill of material (BOM), thus providing an integrated mechanical, electrical and software BOM for the product. This allows companies to improve visibility across product development domains and utilize real-time collaboration with intuitive authoring and linking to quickly identify defects, determine impact and resolve issues in the most complex of systems. 

“In order to stay competitive, electronics companies have to innovate and develop feature-rich and high-volume products, at an accelerated pace, without compromising quality. Software development drives a significant part of this today and will become even more important in the future,” says Ajith Krishnamurthy, director of Electronics and Semiconductor Solutions at Siemens PLM Software.  

Complete ALM-PLM integration provides full traceability and transparency into all aspects of product and software engineering projects, from creation of requirements, to test cases and management of defects. It provides an easy way to generate documentation, identify the impact of changes and provide critical information for various types of stakeholders, including the consumer.

For more info, visit Siemens PLM Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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