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So, You’ve Started Simulating—Now What?

The first step is doing the simulations and storing as much about them as you can; automation and consistency are add-on benefits that you shouldn’t overlook

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Onshape Debuts Onshape Enterprise

Onshape Enterprise enables companies to protect valuable intellectual property by configuring roles and permission schemes that enable instant user provisioning and de-provisioning with incredible precision. You can dive into comprehensive audit logs to discover who did what when and from where. Image courtesy of Onshape.

Onshape Enterprise helps companies accelerate their design processes while protecting IP to a degree that wasn't possible with old CAD and PDM, the company reports.

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Simulation Data Management Evolves

A dashboard that is customizable by users to track simulation projects, activities and jobs. Image courtesy of ANSYS.

Simulation data management solutions can help formally manage data, make it searchable and traceable, and provide insight.

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