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CFD in the Cloud

This image of the topology of a dual-impeller industrial baffled mixer is used in an EXN/Aero validation case study on the Envenio website. The baffle region is in purple and the immersed baffles are in red. Image courtesy of Envenio.

EXN/Aero end-to-end CFD solution now hosted on Google Cloud platform.

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EXN/AERO Migrates to Google

EXN/Aero addresses many of the long-time restrictions and limitations faced by engineers, replacing inflexible and expensive CFD licenses with a pay-as-you-go model, according to Envenio.

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Envenio CFD Survey Says: Few Engineers Happy with CFD Setup

Aside from issues relating to processing power and cost, respondents from larger companies also report personnel training time as a “considerable concern,” according to an Envenion survey.

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Envenio Speaker to Talk High-Res 3D Mapping at CARIS 2017

Output from the solver, showing the flow field (velocity magnitude) and flow direction.

The paper to be presented at CARIS 2017, entitled "High Resolution 3D Mapping For Current, Turbulence and Sediment Transport," highlights an ability to be able to study a subsurface environment at a high resolution.

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