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Webinar: Solving Simulation Challenges with Statistical Methods

This September 20, 2 p.m. ET webinar will focus on strategies for handling three classes of CAE modeling challenges: 1) insufficient or inadequate sampling of a design space, 2) high computational expense of simulations and 3) disagreement of simulation models with physical tests. Discover how statistical methods can help increase early design phase efficiency, decrease the number of costly physical tests required to validate or calibrate CAE models, and reduce risks while increasing confidence in simulation models.

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The Case for Virtual Workstations

Virtual workstations are ready for demanding engineering use cases. Here’s why you should get ready for them.

Learn how virtual workstations can meet and exceed the demands of a hardcore engineering environment, improve productivity for design engineering teams, and reduce complexity for IT departments.

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Webinar: Learn how 3D Laser Scanning Reduces Cost in Product Development

Join us July 31 at 2 p.m. ETfor a LIVE webcast to learn how to product development is a critical balance of cost, efficiency and time to market. During the product design lifecycle, planning and development processes require efficiencies in two objectives that often work against each other: Extreme attention to detail and measurement accuracy and Efforts to rapidly hit market before your competition. What if you could do both, while reducing costs and overcoming the difficulties of complex geometries? This webinar will demonstrate how 3D laser scanning technology can accomplish all of these tasks for product development.

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Webinar: Manufacturing Aids: Setting the standard for production lines of the future

Join this LIVE webinar June 27 at 2 p.m. ET to learn about HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing’s process, including some of the advantages of using this disruptive technology for manufacturing aids and how it can help improve production line efficiency. You'll hear about actual use cases where HP’s 3D Printing technology has helped enable design freedom and shorter lead times, and resulted in cost savings and an increase in both productivity and part precision. Hear about actual use cases where HP’s 3D Printing technology has helped enable design freedom, shorter lead times and resulted in cost savings and an increase in both productivity and part precision.

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How to Make the Move from the Desktop to HPC

The landing site for the ANSYS HPC Cluster Appliance Program offers resources that can help you understand how you can migrate from running complex simulations in a desktop workstation environment to an in-house or external high-performance computing platform. Image courtesy of ANSYS Inc.

Confused about how to migrate from workstations to a high-performance computing environment? Here are a lot of answers from the ANSYS HPC Cluster Appliance Program.

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Automating at OTTO Motors

Dell EMC PowerEdge servers allow the company to run AI workloads quickly and cost-effectively.

OTTO Motors runs thousands of software simulations before deploying one of its self-driving vehicles at a client site.

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A Sense of Prediction

Sensus can proactively identify Internet of Things device performance trends and respond faster to customers using big data.

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Listening to the Voice of the Oilfield

The video explains how the company uses the Landmark Field Appliance, a Dell EMC Edge Gateway, to perform analytics at the edge based on sensor data being collected in oilfields.

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Autonomous Mining

Cat® trucks get the job done with the help of an HPC cluster from Dell EMC.

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