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Webinar: An International Valve Manufacturer’s Quest for a Single Source of the Truth

Brian Walsh, IT manager, and Christoph Kehrs, general manager, SchuF Fetterolf, to discuss PDM deployment at their company in an upcoming webinar.

Reduced headcount, tight budgets, and aggressive product development cycles are putting pressure on manufacturers everywhere to design and go to market efficiently. Progressive organizations like SchuF Fetterolf understand the competitive advantage of Product Data Management (PDM). To provide a single, unified system for globally dispersed teams, SchuF rolled out Synergis Adept PDM across four continents.

Join Desktop Engineering, Synergis Software, and SchuF to learn how the company used PDM to:

  • slash production cost and time to market;
  • raise quality and accountability;
  • unify design data and processes; and
  • practice concurrent engineering across several time zones.
  • When: Thursday, October 13, 2011, 9 – 10 AM Pacific
  • What: Webinar on SchuF Fetteroff’s PDM deployment
  • Who: Presented by SchuF Fetteroff executives, sponsored by Synergis Software
  • Where: Register here.

Disclosure: Kenneth Wong serves as a moderator for the webinar. He receives compensation for moderating the webinar.

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