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Onshape Launches Enterprise Edition Cloud-Hosted CAD

Having proven its cloud-hosted CAD program to the general users, Onshape now begins courting the enterprise clients. Today, with the launch of Onshape Enterprise, the company takes a resolute step toward the smaller but far richer slice of the design software market.

The Enterprise version is “a new premium edition of Onshape designed for modern companies with sophisticated design processes that include multiple contributors across multiple locations,” writes Dave Corcoran, cofounder and VP of product at Onshape.

Onshape Enterprise showing release activities (image courtesy of Onshape).

SAP integration of Onshape Enterprise (image courtesy of Onshape).

Onshape Enterprise with mobile access (image courtesy of Onshape).

The Enterprise Configuration

Onshape Standard subscription is $1,500 per user, per year; Onshape Professional is $2,100 per user, per year.

Subscription for the newly launched Onshape Enterprise begins at $20,000 per year. Clients may configure their Enterprise Edition with a mix of full user licenses ($3,000 per user, per year) or light user licenses ($300 per user, per year) to reach the $20K minimum.

Full users have more privileges over shared documents, such as editing and granting additional rights. By contrasts, light users have only limited rights. Companies who work with a mix of regular staffers and outside contractors may use the mix of full and light user licenses that makes sense for their setups.

Onshape Enterprise will compete with other work group-level and project data management solutions, such as Autodesk Vault, Solidworks PDM, and Solid Edge Insight.

What’s New to the Enterprise Version

Onshape Enterprise is setup with the client’s own individual domain URL. The enterprise setup acts “like a walled garden,” as Cocoran put it. “So only authorized people can see what’s within those areas.” Enterprise users also get support and service priority.

The dashboard offers real-time analytics and insights into the number of hours each project team member spent on a particular design, ownership and access history, edit history, release and approval statuses, and more. Many of Onshape Enterprise monitoring, reporting, and editing functions are accessible from the mobile app.

Devoted to the Cloud

What distinguishes Onshape from most mainstream mechanical CAD programs is its SaaS-style browser-based approach. Whereas industry standard CAD programs run locally on a workstation, Onshape runs remotely in the cloud, accessible from a standard browser.

Onshape Enterprise adheres to the company’s cloud-hosted strategy. Data sharing and collaboration occurs on cloud-hosted documents, and many built-in tools prevent or discourage exporting and downloading the CAD data.

Bridging to PLM

Onshape Enterprise has an API that allows it to transact with other PLM programs in the market, such as PTC Windchill, Siemens PLM’s Teamcenter, and Dassault Systemes’ ENOVIA, verified Corcoran.

“PLM systems are highly customizable, and everyone set them up in different ways. So there really isn’t a single data bridge that can connect to all of them,” he pointed out.

Some enterprises in the military and government sector  are by law required to comply with ITAR regulations. Onshape is currently working toward achieving ITAR compliance, said Cocoran.

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