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Dispatches from SIGGRAPH 2017: Increased Core Count and Decreased Pricing Signal CPU Battle Ahead

As the computer graphics fans started streaming into Los Angeles for SIGGRAPH 2017, AMD began releasing news about its Ryzen Threadripper product line, designed to challenge Intel’s dominance in desktop PCs. AMD Ryzen Threadripper is “the fastest multi-threaded processor on ...

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Dispatches from SIGGRAPH 2017: External Quadro GPUs, AI-Accelerated Rendering, and Early Peeks into NVIDIA’s Holodeck

If your primary computing device is a thin and light notebook, it’s highly unlikely your machine comes with a professional GPU. In such devices, stringent power and size constraints often leave no room for a workstation-class GPU. The graphics boost ...

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ANSYS on the Acquisition of CEI: We Have Good Visualization, But They Have Great Visualization.

Today, in another sign of the simulation industry’s consolidation, ANSYS acquired the North Carolina-headquartered CEI (Computational Engineering International, Inc.), a company best known for its EnSight software. EnSight is post-processing software for the CFD (computational fluid dynamics) industry. The company ...

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